Linux User Group Bikaner

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Linux User Group Bikaner



Software Freedom Day 2009

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its APOGEE ’09

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Again we stood first ….its APOGEE ’09 [ 27th international technical festival of BITS Pilani]..

First Prize at IIT Kanpur’s Techkriti

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IIT Kanpur and its annual science & technical festival ..” Techkriti’09”. where we showcased our Multitouch display project SPARSH.

It was 4 days fun with real feel of Interaction, Hardware demonstration and Engineering. During these days we showcased our Hardware, working process, Thanks to  Sparsh Teammates Anirudh Sharma, Sudhanshu Gautam, Rahul Motiyar and NUI Group, we could showcase some applications done by Seth Sandler and Lawrence Muller at Techkriti.

My first post

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Hi, all!

Things I am into:
.Open source enthusiast .Design .Multi-touch .DIY .OSS .HCI .Photography .Art .Philosophy .Music .Life

.. Vivek Anand ..